8 Jul

PUMA Time/World Dodgeball Society Pickup Dodgeball Game


On July 8, PUMA TIME and the World Dodgeball Society are hosting a pickup dodgeball game at Puma City at the Seaport. Similar to the game you may have played in grade school but with "no-sting" balls, this game is all about FUN. Forgot how to play dodgeball? Two teams, on each side of the court, throw multiple balls at each other while trying to eliminate other teams.

Want to check out our dodgeball MVPs? Then check out the related photos to see who you might want to watch out for on the court.

Based in Los Angeles, The World Dodgeball Society is an adult social group centered around the time-honored game of dodgeball. They love nostalgia, bringing people together, helping the community and of course to party. They have 12 leagues in Los Angeles and just expanded to Manhattan and Williamsburg. Check out www.dodgeball4ever.com for local leagues.