Sky Wedge

Fellas: the battle has just begun. B-girl numbers are on the rise, breaking molds and beats from Tokyo to NYC. And we support their stance and style. (We’re not taking sides. Really, we aren’t. But how can you not root for a gal who can pop-and-lock?) In short, we believed it was our duty to engineer a high-collared heel with all the comfort and kick-keister-tastic looks to make smooth moves. So we did. We started with our 1992 Sky Hi, which was originally made for basketball and designed to prevent injuries and provide an ideal amount of comfort. We retained that slim profile and high collar. Then we tucked a wedge inside and smacked suede and leather across the medial sides. The result is a fierce shoe that has staying and sticking power. Consider yourselves warned, gentlemen.

Product ID: 355427
Gender: Women’s
Online Store: US
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