Future Trinomic Slipstream LT Zebra

File this under “pretty mental,” “mash-up,” and “sneaker king.” The PUMA Slipstream has long reigned over the high-collared kingdom with its colossal style and rip-roaring swagger. It was originally issued in 1988 with modest yet crisp varsity colors and loomed large in sneaker circles around the world. In 2002, it joined the ranks of Japanese monster lore as the Slipstream Beast with animal prints, plush, leather, fur—claiming material play and Tokyo as its stomping grounds. This nearly-all-new silhouette holds fast to its original outsole and hexagon tread pattern. But that’s it. New elements include pony hair combined with a high gloss snake and zebra-printed canvas. Angles and contrast pop colors break up the material patterns. And the shoe itself? It breaks its own mold. (Such an overachiever, this one.)

Product ID: 355657
Gender: Men’s
Online Store: US
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    PUMA Future Trinomic Slipstream Lite: Marracash Limited Edition
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    PUMA x Roccia Music | Genesi
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