Welcome to the PUMA Social Cards Hall of Fame

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We rounded up some of our favourite Social Cards photo app submissions (so far). Did you make the cut?

In just one month, we’ve been wowed by how many teammates have immortalized themselves with our new Social Cards photo app. From Bear Huggers in Cape Town to Bad Dancers in South Korea, our teammates are making their presence known and adding to a global roster of After Hours Athletes.

To honour those brave souls that have left us in awe of their skills (or have just made us laugh out loud), we’ve rounded up some of our favourite Social Cards from the last month – one from each of the six phases of the day and night – to represent the inaugural class of the PUMA Social Cards Hall of Fame. Drumroll please….


Phase 1: Finalize the Game Plan (13:00 to 16:59)

A true After Hours Athlete doesn’t draw a line between work and play. When life’s a sport, there’s simply no need, right? That’s why we salute this Unexpected Pro from Vienna, who’s bringing a whole new level of swagger to the concept of work-life balance…


Phase 2: Prepare for the Night (17:00 to 20:59)

With preparation being the key for after-hours domination, some would argue this is the most important stage of the evening. We’re not ones to argue, especially when our Hungry Man in Nuremberg sets such a good example for how to line our stomachs for a long night ahead. Well done, sir….


Phase 3: Out & About (21:00 to 00:59)

It’s primetime, and though we’d usually scoff at an Early Exiter’s attempts at bailing so early in the evening, we can’t help but admire our South Korean teammate’s exit strategy: Strike a pose and give ‘em something to remember…


Phase 4: After Hours Athlete (01:00 to 04:59)

Kudos to our Unsung Singers in Vancouver for recognizing that just after 03:00 is the perfect time to break out the sombrero and belt out some mariachi karaoke tunes….


Phase 5: Food then Bed (05:00 to 08:59)

Don’t tell these teammates it’s time to go to bed, because they’re just getting warmed up. And whether they’re pre-gaming for a May Day celebration or just letting their inner Village People run wild, we can’t knock the hustle of some truly exemplary Up For Anythings


Phase 6: Relax, Recharge & Recuperate (09:00 to 12:59)

We’re usually buried under the covers by now, but if there were one thing that could get us out of bed, it would be our very own PUMA birthday cake. Let’s hope this AHA All Star likes to share. Mmmm, PUMA cake….


If you haven’t yet, be sure to download our Social Cards app and start immortalizing your after-hours rituals for a chance to make our next AHA Hall of Fame!