Welcome, Players.

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Why hello. Fancy meeting you here at PUMA Social.

Welcome to the PUMA Social Club. Here, we honor the After Hours Athlete.

You know who you are (you tiger you).

You are the champion of late night games. You are the sportsman who battles not only his opponents, but also his blood alcohol level. You are the master of the bank shot on a warped foosball table. You realize that sometimes victory is achieved in not the best score but the best nickname. You understand that playing sports can actually involve playing.

So let others have their 5AM run, we’ll take the 5AM cab. Let others put on their polyester uni­forms with rabid animals on their chests, while we’re looking good playing our sports in Suedes and track jackets.

This is PUMA Social. Open all hours and serving all players with a side of smack talk and a few strips of bacon.

Happy to be here? So are we. Use the space below to make a few remarks and a few new friends. Cheers.