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Get the low down with our Taipei weekend guide!

Crowned “Ilha Formosa,” which means “beautiful island” by Portuguese sailors in the 16th century, Taipei is the capital city of Republic of China and the cultural centre of Taiwan. The National Palace Museum has one of the largest collections of Chinese artefacts and artworks in the world, including an immense collection of porcelain, jade, sculptures, paintings, and bronzes. Known for its night markets (the most famous of which is located in the Shilin District), Taipei provides the perfect backdrop for late night exploits for the daring After Hours Athlete in all of us!

We recently deployed a couple of PUMA Social aficionados to Taipei on a voyage of discovery. Here are the unearthed treasures from their expedition...

What to eat? With snack shops and stalls every three steps, snacking really opens a window into the local culture. At the end of a great night, when you are feeling particularly bold, try a Coffin Sandwich – a thick slice of bread with a hollow centre filled with a mixture of chicken meat and liver, shrimp, carrots, potatoes and milk, topped off with another slice of bread. Best served HOTTTTT! For local recommendations, watch out for stalls with the longest queue!! ;)

Where to go? Beautiful by day with its mountainous landscape, Taipei really comes into its own at night! A visit to the night markets is an absolute must. Follow this up with an early trip to the Jin Mountain hot springs for the perfect morning after...the After Hours Athletics of the night before!

Where to shop? Taipei loves to shop! Much like our band of PUMA Social brothers and sisters, the Taipei night markets really start buzzing when the sun sets! There are 6 major markets to explore and all within walking distance from an MRT (subway) station. Shilin Night market is the largest and is full of colourful stalls and eccentricities to explore. Of course, your local PUMA store is never too far away... head to the Shin Kong Mistukoshi shopping centre for some great gear in preparation for your big night out.

What to wear? The heat may tell you, you need to wear cool, light clothing, but if you just have to be on trend 100% of your time and fit in with the fashionable locals, we recommend trying a T7 Padded Jacket – you may find it hot, but trust us and you’ll definitely be UBER “cool”!

Where to party? Party until the sun comes up with the Taipei Party bus – complete with its own bar and live DJ – taking you right to the door of three of Taipei’s most exciting club nights. Baseball is one of the most popular sports, so why not hit a home run and end the night at the 2nd PUMA Uncovered Concert on at the Legacy of Huashan Creative Park!?

...don’t worry, 5am cabs aren’t hard to find!

What to say? Rú guǒ nǐ yǒu duō de ,qǐng gěi wǒ yī xiē

Translation: I’ll have some more of that if you have it – a multifunctional phrase that should prove useful as you take in the great nightlife!

Where are your Taipei hotspots?

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