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Get the low down with our Guangzhou weekend guide!

Guangzhou, historically know as Canton or Kwangchow, is the capital and largest city of the Guangdong province in the People's Republic of China. Situated next to the Baiyun Mountain known locally as ‘The lung of the city”. Guangzhou citizens have a laid-back and play hard approach to life - just the setting for the first leg of our PUMA Uncovered Concert Tour, which kicks off in Guangzhou later this month!

When we asked a handful of PUMA Socialites to uncover the Afterhours possibilities the city had to offer ... we didn’t have to ask twice! :)

What to eat? Nightlife is a sport and we all know a master athlete needs to be well nourished to perform at their best. The great news is Guangzhou has an infamous reputation for good food and snacking is a great way to sustain your energy levels throughout the night. How about some cantonese pastries and dim sum (Shrimp Dumpling, Steamed Shaomai, Steamed Vermicelli Roll)? Yexiao, available in nearly every teahouse, is a Guangzhou custom and we like to think it was created especially for the needs of the Afterhours Athlete – just the ticket as a midnight snack after an amazing night out on the town!

Where to go? Bai-E-Tan Bar Street on Changdi Street is packed with bars. Much to the delight of the PUMA Social fraternity, the real action kicks off after 10.30pm. Due to the gargantuan size of the city it’s not easy to reach different districts on foot, but once you’re there do explore – there are a wealth of small antiquities shops and local restaurants down every little alley. Watch out for open manhole covers though! Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Where to shop? Definitly take in the Liwan district for the Shangxiajiu Pedestrian street, and of course, with two PUMA Stores in the city you will have ample opportunity to get a pair of PUMA Uncovered concert tickets and check out Taiwanese pop-rock sensations Mavis Fan and 100%. You just need to purchase any regular priced items of CNY 760 and above – simple as that.

What to wear? Gauangzhou has a hot, humid, sub-tropical climate. The summer heat calls for an umbrella by day to block out that hot hot sun – thankfully it’s not necessary at night when PUMA socialites come out to play and Autumn is the best time to visit when its cool and sometimes windy. We recommend packing a PUMA Knitted Zip Thru Hoody though – to keep you warm while racking up the fun at night, and the Sherpa hood may come in handy if it starts to rain!

Where to party? Hop on a Pearl River boat tour, the sparkling river against the moonlight, topped off with the Bai-E-Tan light show sets the scene for the night ahead! Head to Amigo bar followed by Golf Club for Karaoke – super cheesy but we looovee it.

What to say? Hahng'wúih.

Translation: Nice to meet you – a classic opener that will make you a hit with the locals! ;)

Where are your Guangzhou hotspots?

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