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Japanese capital and most populous city in the world, Tokyo is full of people and full of life! Famous for its incredible concrete panorama, technological innovations, fashion innovations, old world shrines and stone lanterns, anime/manga, VERY fine dining, Sake, the Shibuya Crossing, HUUUUGE shopping malls, karaoke, big men in giant diapers and a lot of never-ending neon nightlife. Sounds like PUMA Social, right?

Get the low down with our Tokyo weekend guide!

What to eat? Something fishy??! Tokyo is known for its amazing fish dishes, sushi, tofu and tempura. We recommend Oden –perfect winter food to fill you up pre-party, Oden is a stew-like dish consisting of fishcakes, soybean fritters and stuffed dumplings with vegetables.

Where to go? Bring your baby oil and check out a Sumo tournament at Tokyo’s National Sumo Hall (Ryogoku Kokugikan), get a taste of early Japan at the Meiji shrine, embrace the chaos as you people watch at the craziest traffic intersection on the planet at Shibuya Crossing, soak up some local atmos and grab a drink in Ebisu…it’s a perfect warm-up for a cheese festival exercising your After Hours Athlete vocal chords and murdering all your least favourite tunes at Smash Hits (near Hiroo) – it probably won’t be pretty, but will hopefully induce the odd LOLcano!

Where to shop? Harajuku, Shibuya or Shinjuku are great for reasonably priced fashions, but if you want to go all out in Tokyo we suggest hitting up the super-stylish shops in the Omotesando district. Being a discerning city of fashionistas, Tokyo has more than a few PUMA stores to fulfil your weekend wardrobe requirements!

What to wear? Fashion moves fast in Tokyo, but we suggest going big and suitably BOLD. Check out our 2nd Round His and T7 Padded Jacket to match your vibrant neon surrounds in the capital.

Where to party? Warehouse 702. 1000+ After Hours Athletes, great DJ’s, perfect sounds and a prime location. #WIN

What to say? Nani nonderuno?

Translation: What are you drinking?!

Where are your Tokyo hotspots?

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