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Get the low down with our London weekend guide!

London town, LDN or Londinium as the Roman’s called it. Home to the Queen, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Big Ben, the River Thames, Trafalgar Square and 8 million or so others. London is the multicultural hub of Europe and as such, has more to do and see than you could politely shake a snooker cue at! As a tourist mecca, London is not lacking in nightlife and is the perfect locale for an adventurous After Hours Athlete wishing to experience some great British hospitality.

Here at PUMA Social HQ, we’ve taken the liberty of sampling London’s finest cultural (and not so cultural) delights to give you the lowdown on the must-see hotspots for your next trip.

What to eat? Full English Breakfast - the perfect morning antidote to a heavy night out. Starring eggs, bacon, sausages, grilled tomatoes, mushrooms, baked beans, hash browns, fried bread and black pudding. If you don’t know what black pudding is, we suggest you google it!!

Where to go? Take a panoramic view of the city on the London Eye, catch a show in the West End, visit the Tate Modern, browse around Harrods, take a boat trip along the river from Greenwich or have high tea at the Ritz *posh*.

Where to shop? Check out the Carnaby Street cobbles or Spitalfields Market for the best threads and boutiques. You might even bump into Austin Powers! If you’re in the Soho area, a trip to our PUMA store on Carnaby Street is an absolute must.

What to wear? As one of the fashion capital’s of the world, every discerning After Hours Athlete will realise it is imperative to stay on trend in London. How about cool casual? Try some camel chinos with one of our awesome Martha Cooper graphic tees to turn heads at your next PUMA Social get together!

Where to party? All Star Lanes. In the heart of London’s über-modish East End, All Star Lanes offers nine bowling lanes, American diner style food, cocktails and a karaoke machine with 5500+ tunes. It’s also known as a bit of a late night celebrity hangout. What more do you want??

What to say? Ello guvnor, can I get a lift up the frog to the nearest Rub-A-Dub? I’ve got on a proper Geoff Hurst and I fancy a Dame Edna Everidge!

Translation: Hello sir, can I get a lift up the road to the nearest PUMA Social Club? I’m very thirsty and I’d really like a beverage!

Where are your London hotspots?

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