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A cultural fusion of east meets west, the futuristic and the traditional; Hong Kong presents the ultimate awe inspiring playground for the After Hours Athlete. Smack bang in the centre of the global trade and business world, the average Puma-socialite is thought to rack up a seriously impressive 50 hour working week (!) however, worry not…for as we at PUMA know, those who work hard MUST play harder, which Hong Kong certainly has covered!

In fact, with so much to do and so much to see, it’s a good job we had a couple of well fuelled after-hours athletes to hand, huh? Check out our latest weekend guide – Hong Kong style!

What to eat? Even though Hong Kong has the perfect match of East Vs West we recommend ditching the fast food joints and go find yourself a night fish markets near the docks. All the fish that wasn’t sold during the day ends up on the BBQ. A perfect way to kick off the nights shenanigans!

Where to go? Why not head over to the Rooftop Cinema for a bit of cinematic culture for some inspiration to start the nights escapades.

Where to shop? Shopping here is a serious sport and requires an infinite amount of stamina! With 195 Puma retailers (including our infamous Concept Store in Mongkok) your favourite PUMA gear is always close to hand!

What to wear? As a city that prides itself on innovation and high fashion, a nod to all things style will certainly stand you in good stead whilst checking out Hong Kong. Don’t fancy channelling Gaga? We suggest the Fat Lace+ or the Karmin Lace womens sneaker-wedge to earn yourself at least a hat doff or two from the locals.

Where to party? If you are in the Silver City Plaza in MongKok this Friday evening, put the Afterhours Athlete in you to the ultimate test at the PUMA concept store, where the Concept Street battle of table tennis, darts and other Social Sports will be taking to the streets!

What to say? Cing man nei jau mou jing man cann paai aa?

Translation: Do you have a menu in English? We know our Afterhours brothers love a bit of variety and Hong Kong has an endless supply of local delicacies! Getting an menu in English is key - at the end of the day, if you don’t know what you are eating how are you going to brag it to your mates ;)

Where are your favourite Hong Kong hotspots?

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