Usain Bolt Cameo's on US TV Show Saturday Night Live

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Three days ago, the World's Fastest Man DJ'd the night away at one of the hottest nightclubs in Toyko. Last night, Usain Bolt cameo'd on US hit TV show, Saturday Night Live in New York City. For this three-time Olympic Medalist, it seems like there is little he cannot do.

Usain Bolt's whirlwind, 36-hour NYC stopover on the PUMA Bolt World Tour was nothing less than what you would expect from the world's fastest man ever. From autographing a roomful of memorabilia (in less than 5 minutes) to hitting a round of golf balls at NYC's premier golfing spot, to guest apearing on ESPN SportsCenter, and finally acting as Fact Checker on Saturday Night Live's famously funny political Vice Presidental Debate skit. The weekend was go-go-go from the moment Usain landed at JFK Airport.

See Usain Bolt in action on Saturday Night Live:

Vice Presidential Debate Cold Open

The Californians: Wedding

Next stop for Usain Bolt on the PUMA Bolt World Tour - Brazil - October 23rd - 24th. Check in for the latest news and updates.