Trinomic Trail Lo

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A running classic is reborn for the here, now, and later tonight

We broke into our 90s time capsule a few decades early (we had this overwhelming urge to play with a slap bracelet) but before you get mad at us—stop. Because our impulsiveness turned out to be a good thing. We unearthed the Trinomic, a running shoe formerly known for its high collar, motion control technology, and hexagonal graphics.

We took that original style, tricked it out with hardware inspired by the great outdoors, and now we’re happy to serve up the all new Trinomic Trail Lo. Its materials are based on soft-shell outdoor jackets. Colors are inspired by vintage tents with rope-inspired detailing. And the webbing is reflective of a hiking rucksack. It’s winter-ready, with earth tones and a traction-helping outsole. See? No reason to be mad. This shoe is a very, very good thing.