Time to Get Social

  • The Social King
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Ready to get social?  Play the game now.

Whether you're new to the site or already a member, we're pretty excited for you to begin exploring the fresh new features that we've added. 

Want to start earning bragging rights (oh - and a point or two along the way)? Check out how below:

Get Social:  Sign up to receive news and gain access to the party.  Tell us a little bit more about yourself by creating a profile.  And start making a name for yourself on the social scene. 

Be Connected:  Let us know where you play and share by connecting your accounts on Facebook, FourSquare and Twitter to PUMA Social.  Be the first on the scene to demonstrate your social swagger and encourage your friends to play the game.

Start Talking:  Talk trash, talk strategy, or just let us know what you think about the party by commenting on PUMA Social news and media or by sending us an email.

Take the Pulse of the Party:  Want to know who's joining PUMA Social from your area?  Or who the top players are now?  Navigate the social scene and learn all that you need to know about how the players play. 

And don't forget that it's all about the game.  Earn points by using all of our new features and before you know it, you might just climb your way to the top of the social elite.

We want to know what you think about the new features!  Send us a comment below and we'll get back to you...after our game of ping pong, of course.