The Bolt Lite Gets Low

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Our latest creation harnesses the vibes of the World’s Fastest Man to make your next night on the town easy and breezy. 

Attention fellow After Hours Athletes: Our arsenal of late-night kicks just got a tropical jolt courtesy of the latest addition to the PUMA family…say hello to the Bolt Lite Low.

The Bolt Lite Low is ideal standard-issue wear for all teammates throughout the 2012 season. It updates the classic style of the PUMA Suede with a nod to the warm-climate performance of its namesake, courtesy of the breathable mesh upper. This means that from little Jamaica to real Jamaica – and all points in between – we’re not worried about breaking a sweat. After all, we wouldn’t want to overheat one bull’s eye short of dominating cricket, now would we?

Add in a hot-rodded outsole crafted from our exclusive Faas compound (aka the secret sauce to after-hours domination) and we’re talking a seriously lightweight and comfortable shoe. Whether it’s the extra step in ruling the ping pong table or the bravado boost to add air-splits into our karaoke routine, the Bolt Lite Low delivers. Did we mention it also looks great for post-game posing and gloating sessions?

So go ahead, harness the power of the World’s Fastest Man, take to the streets and send us your best pics of the Bolt Lite Low in action. Just beware of blurry images.

The Bolt Lite Low is available now at and The PUMA Store worldwide.