The After Hours Athlete Guide to New Year’s Eve

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As the clock ticks closer to midnight, the After Hours Athletes come out to play.

You victoriously raced your cousins to the tree and unwrapped the first gift, you got the cute girl’s phone number and kissed her under the mistletoe, you scored the last parking spot at the mall, and you’ve spent the whole year making life a sport from dusk to dawn as an After Hours Athlete and tonight is your night to celebrate.

You’re primping and prepping for the biggest party of the year, the night that everyone celebrates the start of a new year. Some do’s and don’t for ringing in the New Year:

Do dress to impress. Don’t  wear uncomfortable shoes.
Do take a ton of photos. Don’t post the embarrassing ones to Facebook.
Do talk to your crush. Don’t text your ex.
Do have fun and be yourself. Don’t overdo it.

When the clock strikes midnight, surround yourself with friends-when you’re together, there’s always fun to be found! Where will you be at midnight? No matter how you celebrate or what time zone you’re in, be happy and be safe.