Techniques At The Table: The After Hours Athlete Guide To Keeping Fit

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Your body is a temple, let's keep it that way.


Who needs to go to the gym to keep fit? Not the After Hours Athlete! There’s far more fun things to be getting on with than working up a sweat on a treadmill – like seeing your mates, having a drink or just chilling.

So, with that in mind, here’s some ‘exercises’ that won’t exert much more than your drinking arm! We know you guys always like an element of competition, so these ‘exercises’ can be easily adapted for you to take on your mates.

Speed round - You’ve guessed it – time how long it takes for you to get a round of drinks in. Not only will a speedy round make you popular, but a short sprint will help keep the love handles at bay.

Shake it - Get a stranger to judge you and your mates dancing. This is a fantastic ploy to steal the show, have some fun and get the old heart racing.

Drinks relay - Split yourselves into teams and race round the bar. Everyone loves this competition (except the bar man).

Arm wrestle - If there’s any doubt on who the winner is, a good old fashioned arm wrestle is the best way to build up the guns, settle a contest and get a crowd gathered.

And if you really want to maintain your After Hours fitness, make sure there’s some salad on your takeaway!