Techniques At The Table: Pitch Perfect Pool

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How to become king or queen of the baize.

Do you have what it takes to be a pool pro? More importantly, can you do it with substance and style? Here’s our guide to looking good with a cue as well as potting that eight ball with a skill that will make you king, or queen, of the baize.

Whether playing 8 or 9 ball pool, we here at PUMA Social know exactly how important it is to dominate the pool table. We have knocked our heads together and come up with our top tips to help you guys improve your game.

Your Big Break!  Everyone needs a rest from time to time. Before you get your game on make sure you're stocked up on the essentials - a drink, some food and of course, a cue.  At the break, aim slightly to the right of the pack and strike the cueball firmly.  Don’t follow through though as it’ll give you some unwanted topspin that might send the cueball towards a pocket.

Find a flat surface!  Before you take your shot it’s important to find a flat solid surface to rest your drink on so you know it’s safe. The last thing you want is your mind wandering and you slicing your shot.

Make Mine A Cheeky Double!  Essential for playing it cool, the double is an easy, but impressive shot. Playing horizontally, if the pocket is to your target ball’s left, give the cueball some left hand spin, if to the right, give it some spin to the right. Hit the ball directly towards the rail and watch it rebound seamlessly into the opposite pocket.

The Cheeky Flick!  If you’re stuck behind a ball that’s impeding your walk to victory, worry not. Give your cue plenty of chalk, add some grip, and aim to the lowest point of the cueball. Put your shooting elbow into the air and give it a short sharp jab.  Watch the cue ball fly to safety, giving your opponent no chance.

Tell us what your favorite trick shots are...