Techniques At The Table: A Guide To Ping Pong Prosperity

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A Guide To Ping Pong Prosperity

Ping Pong is a fast paced game of table top to and fro, but what do you need to do to be profitable with a paddle?  At PUMA Social, we know that an After Hours Athlete wants to be in a position to play with drink in hand, which is why ping pong is the perfect late night game.

Let us show you some of the tricks of the trade to get you to the top of the table tennis rankings...

Get physical!  Ping Pong isn’t just about standing at a table, paddle in hand. Oh no, it’s about standing at a table with one hand holding a paddle, the other keeping a firm grip on a bottle or glass. Make sure your non-paddle hand has had plenty of exercise lifting so you don’t spill your drink.

Make a racket!  We’re not suggesting a full-on grunt-athon here, but a little lively banter can easily become a jovial verbal knock about with your opponent. You want to show that you can talk the talk, as well as walk the walk.

Perfect your service!  Serving is a vital part of ping pong, you’ve got to practice over and over again to make sure that the ball hits your side of the table first, before bouncing off your opponent’s. That, as well as making sure you’re friendly with the bartender, will keep you fed, watered and winning as the night goes on.

Double trouble!  And, while we’re here, remember ping pong can be played by four people, two a-side, in a game of doubles. What better excuse to get talking and find yourself a partner?

What are your tips for smashing night at the ping pong table?