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March 2012

  • Masaai Cricket Warriors – Using Sport to Change Their World

    Masaai Cricket Warriors – Using Sport to Change Their World

    March 26, 2012

    At first glance, the name seems like that of just another team from just another cricket league. Warriors, Kings, Chargers are after all hyperboles given to teams in today’s Twenty20 age. Little do most cricket fans know that ‘warriors’ is just a factual name of this extraordinary team of cricketers from Laikipia North in Kenya, for their tribe is actually that of fighters with a history of battles in East Africa.

  • Joy of Cricket - Anonymous

    Joy of Cricket - Anonymous

    March 24, 2012

    To some people cricket is more than just a game or a sport, I'm one of those people!

    I'm a person who usually keeps to myself. ever since I was small I've always loved cricket, my parents weren't too keen on me playing so I stopped, it was all about education. During the World Cup, when I saw Yuvi make a comeback which is probably one of the best in sport I went back to playing cricket, when he hit the winning runs and celebrated against Australia in the quarter finals, that’s when I decided to go…

  • Joy of Cricket - Manisha Sangwan

    Joy of Cricket - Manisha Sangwan

    March 24, 2012

    All about the joy of cricket. 

  • Are over rates over-rated? The Curse on Modern Captains

    Are over rates over-rated? The Curse on Modern Captains

    March 19, 2012

    There is football, where every second of injury time comes as arrears after 90 minutes of the game, often deciding its result. There is Formula 1, where lap timings are recorded up to three or four hundredths of a second to adjudicate winners, and then there is cricket, where captains and players are handed monetary fines and match bans for taking a few minutes longer to bowl the stipulated overs, result notwithstanding.

  • Find and Replace ~ Contenders for Dravid’s #3 Spot

    Find and Replace ~ Contenders for Dravid’s #3 Spot

    March 19, 2012

    The occasion is around six months away, but the task is such that even that long would not prove to be enough. On a humid September afternoon later this year, when India plays New Zealand in its next test, and when Sehwag swishes his incorrigible blade to get out cheaply as he has notoriously done in the past, Rahul Dravid will walk in... not to anchor the first day’s play and compile India’s innings, but to his kitchen to grab a snack he’s just cooked. It will be that moment, when he’ll be smiling, that we’ll be wondering if his replacement would be able to live up to even half of the greatness the haloed spot has witnessed.

  • Five Moments This Summer When We Will Miss Yuvraj

    Five Moments This Summer When We Will Miss Yuvraj

    March 19, 2012

    1. While playing Pakistan
    India v/s Pakistan, cricket’s most enjoyed rivalries is due at the ongoing Asia Cup. For an occurrence which seldom comes out of cold storage, it’s going to be a treat for fans as the arch-opponents are going to clash twice within a week. The high-voltage battle will miss a formidable general from India’s battalion, Yuvraj Singh. With over 1200 runs at an average of 46+ against Pakistan, his love for his Punjabi neighbours is apparent. His bold cover-drives against Shoaib Akhtar who was at his peak in the ’03 World Cup and his 107 not-out at Karachi in ’06 are reasons why Pakistan would be slightly relieved at his absence.

  • Rahul Dravid ~ The Best of Tributes (And The Road Ahead)

    March 19, 2012

    As India’s Mr Dependable’s defences were repeatedly being broken into by Australian bowlers in what was to be his last series, his bat surprisingly coming down a nanosecond later than it had come in the past 16 years, his followers may have got a whiff of things to come. They started breathing again after the man did not call it quits at Adelaide, but eventually braced themselves for the inevitable when, days after returning to India, Rahul Dravid quit international cricket the same way he had conducted himself on and off the field – sans nonsense.