Start Giving, Times Two

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Lame excuses, one gift… holiday babies deserve more

Jamie was born on December 29th. For decades, people have given her gift excuse after excuse. Some have forget her birthday, unfairly squeezed between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, and don’t have any excuse at all. She’s received homemade mittens with a matching dickey only because there was leftover yarn. In our eyes, these are lame excuses and poor attempts at honoring those born during the holiday season.

This year, give 2 gifts to people like Jamie. PUMA has a plethora (that’s right, a plethora) of gift ideas and promotions so you can give them everything they deserve and save too. You don’t have to tell them you saved enough for a half dozen fancy peppermints lattes which you can enjoy through the winter months. We never will. Is it lying? Sort of. But heck, it’s the start of a solution to a much bigger problem. Show your support today by visiting your local PUMA Store or