Social Cards Update: Holiday Trading Card Pack

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Tis the season for getting your gift on. We’re calling out your favourite teammates with new Social Cards that are perfect for the holidays.

As far as we’re concerned, it’s never too early to get into the holiday spirit. (OK, it’s probably too early for eggnog.) We’ve got you covered with a new Holiday Trading Card Pack and a few tips to get you pumped for the biggest party season of the year. Don’t forget to document it all with the latest PUMA Social Cards.

Top Five Ways for the After Hours Athlete to Celebrate the Holidays:

5. Trade up.

Sometimes parents just don’t understand. This holiday season you’re sure to receive more than one boring gift. But the Gift Swapper knows that with a little finagling, you can turn coal (aka another lame tie) into gold (aka some sweet new PUMA kicks).

4. Be the center of attention.

Celebrate in style by making yourself the Team Mascot. Every team needs a little character, and while you don’t have to don a furry suit, you can make sure your teammates all have a full beer and a smile on their faces.

3. Turn shopping into a tournament.

If you want to add a little sport to your shopping, save it for the last minute. For the December 24th Hold-Outs, it’s a bigger adrenaline rush than a buzzer-beating goal.

2. Throw a killer party.

May we recommend an ugly sweater party? You know you want to let loose your inner Ugly Sweater Hipster. Besides, Nana made it with love. It’s the perfect opportunity to snap pics of your friends in their mismatched glory.

1. Treat yourself.

It’s all about what you give, not what you receive, so why not give yourself a little something? Hey, you’ve been partying hard all year long, so be a Self-Giver and update your closet with a little holiday style.