PUMA Uncovered China: The Shanghai Stopover

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Social Athletes in Shanghai converged to celebrate the joy of the after-hours and dance to the classic rock tunes brought to life by Mavis Fan and 100% Band!

Last Saturday, over 1,000 social athletes poured into the MAO Livehouse in Shanghai to be part of the monumental PUMA Uncovered Concert series in China.

The venue was transformed into a urban playground where we caught up with After-Hours athletes playing foosball, darts and three-player ping pong games. Some fans tried their hand at our very own shoe-grabber machine that was too hard to resist with all the Clyde sneakers waiting to be picked up. All that while grooving to local acts Too Koo and Banana Monkeys that opened the show.

When Mavis Fan and 100% Band came up on stage, madness ensued as they performed popular hit songs, including a really cool remastered version of the classic anthem ‘You are my Sunshine’. Who ever knew such a classic 1939 song could be revived into a Chinese pop rock tune!

Their awesome set left the crowd asking for more! At encore, they came back dressed in Halloween ensembles. Mavis Fan as bumble bee, wearing a PUMA T7 track suit juggling a mini football and 100% band members Mo as a spooky goal keeper and Allan as a creepy football player.

Since the launch of PUMA Uncovered last September, city centrals of Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Harbin have witnessed the explosion of interactive LCDs, billboards and posters, while Social athletes socialized with like-minded fans via several interactive games online at the PUMA Social website http://social.puma.com.cn.

Join us for the final stop of the PUMA Uncovered Concert Tour in Beijing as we transform the iconic fashion central alfresco venue The Place at The Village into a music playground this Saturday, November 5th, from 2:00 pm ‘til late !

Beijing, here we come!!!

Check out the concert images in our facebook page!


承接PUMA Uncovered廣州站熱哄哄的氣氛,上海站於MAO Livehouse的演唱會吸引了過千的Social Athletes到場,跟范曉萱& 100% Band邊跳邊唱經典金曲,享受週末狂歡的快樂。

PUMA把MAO Livehouse變成城市中難得一見的遊樂場,帶來了足球機、飛標,還有PUMA獨有的三人乒乓球。除了這些經典PUMA Social遊戲外,PUMA還帶來了載滿CLYDE的抓娃娃機,叫許多參加者都愛不釋手;就在一片熱鬧歡樂的氣氛中,本地樂隊TOO KOO 和BANANA MONEYS為演唱會掀起了序幕。
范曉萱& 100% Band一如既往帶來了許多大熱的金曲,這次他們更重新打造了著名作品”You Are My Sunshine”,以現代搖滾風格去演繹,把現場的氣氛推至得高,更令參加者們大喚”安可”。

正值萬聖節,范曉萱& 100% Band在”安可”時段換上一身趣怪的打扮。范曉萱穿上PUMA T7連身裝,化身小蜜蜂,而MO和ALLEN亦不甘視弱,各自扮演成守門員和足球員,為演唱會添上一重節日的氣氛。
從九月開始,PUMA Social 活動於中國各大城市展開,大型海報、廣告板、互動屏幕等隨處可見,同時PUMA亦於網站social.puma.com.cn推出線上小遊戲,讓各方智趣相投的Social Athletes 互相聯繫,分享PUMA Social的樂趣。

PUMA Uncovered最後一站-北京,將於11月5日在北京市的熱點世貿天階舉行。活動從下午二時開始,直至晚上十時,既有創新刺激的Social 遊戲,也有熱情澎湃的演唱會,確實不容錯過!

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