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Bringing their unique new concept to BOXPARK, PUMA introduces TWENTYONE.

Puma’s new TWENTYONE concept is brilliantly simple. Built around their BOXPARK unit number 21, the store will see stock refreshed as well as events and promotions taking place through 21-day intervals. The concept will be illustrated in store with a countdown clock letting consumers know exactly when the new stock arrives and a menu board at the entrance lists the 21 special and limited editions footwear styles currently available. The store stocks some of the most coveted styles, from designer collaborations with Hussein Chalayan and Alexander McQueen, shoes from the Rudolf Dassler collection and classics from the PUMA ARCHIVE, to limited editions that you can only get at PUMA BOXPARK.

As standard, the Puma Vision principles of Fair, Honest, Postive and Creative comes to mind through the sustainable approach to the BOXPARK store. In addition to the Clever Little Bags, the PUMA Eco Table highlights the eco-friendly materials and processes used to create the products. It is the mutual love for container architecture that pulled PUMA and BOXPARK together. Being one of the first major brands to experiment with the container retail concept, it felt right for PUMA to support this initiative. Boxpark is a fantastic opportunity to enlighten consumers with PUMA’s most iconic and innovative products through a total brand experience.

Check out some photos below or head down to BOXPARK and see for yourself. And don't forget to "Like" PUMA on Facebook or follow the @PUMA Twitter account for all the latest updates.