PUMA Social @ Fabrica

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Innovative design meets exclusive lifestyle products.

We’ve opened our very first PUMA Social Store in Bucharest, inside Fabrica Urban Resort, no. 50, 11 Iunie Street, dedicated exclusively to urban-lifestyle products.

The space is multifunctional and modular, influenced by several trends: local, eco, retro, electro, versatile and interactive. An area of just 40 square meters includes display zones for on-going products and special products, an area for projections, a lounge area and a changing room.

The concept behind the interior design is based on the reinterpretation of the Romanian traditional model. The canvas turns into space, the grid becomes the structure, the eye becomes the pixel, and the pixel is the cube - omnipresent in the store.

The store has also a corner dedicated to personalized shoes - PUMA Creative Factory. The customers will be able to customize on an iPad their unique "PUMAs", choosing the desired colors and their favorite texture from a multitude of materials and color samples.

The PUMA Social Store is also a place where sustainability and the local touch mattered during the whole design process. The furniture is built from a recycled pipe structure and mini-stools are places on one of the walls , covered in hemp bags (organic material) crafted by locals from Bihor, Romania. Also, the shoe wall is made out of unpainted OSB boards.


Textures used in the design

When it comes to product display, the following elements from the store stand out: three jars filled with shoes painted in monochrome colors, a rug made out of PUMA jackets and a wall painted with a special black paint so that the visitors can write with chalk just like on a black-board.

One of the chill out spaces is placed right in the window shop, so that those who come in and want to read the books or the magazines from the store will become mannequins themselves.

PUMA Social Store is open Tuesday to Sunday:
Tuesday - Thursday, Sunday: 17:00 - 02:00
Friday: 16:00 - 24:00
Saturday: 12:00 - 24:00

The store will host activations and parties on a regular basis, both for the general public and for closed groups. The event schedule will be announced soon.

„The design of the store was born as an answer to PUMA's need for an interactive, flexible space with a well-defined target. Our idea was that, by working on a grid, the integration of the display elements needed in a store will be made easy and natural; in a space built for interaction, but also designed to get people more familiar with the PUMA Concept. On the fixed metallic structure, the elements made out of recyclable materials are interchangeable objects of furniture, so the space becomes flexible and functional, integrating itself in Fabrica's spirit.” - said Studio:AM.