PUMA Brings After Hours Revelry To Sydney

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Sydney siders get their mini golf on.

With putters in hand and a sweat bands mounted, guests took to the mini putt-putt course at full force for the Puma Social Sydney launch party on November 25. Guests were treated to Asahi, 42 below and Bulmers cider while aiming to score a hole in one, which as the night went on were few and far between.  The stakes were high between partygoers to become the ultimate After Hours Athlete. 

Arriving down a laneway to The Roller Studio, guest were welcomed by the smell of hot dogs (the ultimate late night fuel).  In between rounds of putt-putt, guests re-energized with make your own dogs, including all the toppings that could be imagined.  The warehouse space was transformed into a Puma Social scene with a wall of Puma shoes and apparel lit-up, as Sydney’s media, after hours athletes and late night socialites poured into the party. 

As the music grew louder spun by some of the coolest DJ’s, so did the vibe, with guests laughing and dancing - it grew harder to keep the scores of rounds and hole-in-ones. Puma ambassadors enjoyed the challenge, swapping their professional sporting talents for a little bit of fun on the custom mini golf course.  It was hard to keep a serious game face with courses called “The Clock Block” and “The After Party” designed by renowned designers Rinzen, Darcel Disappoints and Tin & Ed.

Proving that sometimes victory is a phone number and sometimes 5am cab rides are better than 5am runs, Puma Social introduced a different kind of athlete to Sydney.   Be on the watch for the next Puma Social night.