PUMA Australia Celebrates Suede’s 45th Anniversary, Releasing a Limited Edition Range

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Since bursting to fame on the foot of Tommie Smith’s famous 200m win at the 1968 Mexico Olympics, the PUMA Suede is still as fresh as ever. To commemorate over 4 decades of Suede style, PUMA are releasing a limited edition 45th Anniversary Suede, the Since ’68 Pack - a commemorative trifecta featuring 3 colourways that represent the coveted medallion colours of gold, silver and bronze. Each style is decked out in deluxe brushed leather, distressed metallic formstrip, intricate stitching, metallic accents and Suede 68 logo on the tongue. These will be available exclusively through HYPE DC.

45 Years Fresh – The Story of PUMA Suede

Since its birth in 1968, PUMA Suede has gone on to become one of the streets most beloved icons. Coming to prominence on the world stage thanks to Tommie Smith’s 200 metre win in the 1968 Olympics in Mexico, and that now infamous “black power” fist pump, the Suede made its way into the hearts (and homes) of a new generation of liberated youth. And then came the Clyde…

The 70s introduced Suede’s first signature shoe, named after a basketball player, New York Nick’s legend Walt “Clyde” Frazier. Selling over 2,000,000 pairs in one year, it was the perfect partner for New York’s bourgeoning b-boy culture…

The “Swedish Glove”, as was the literal translation of the French phrase ‘gant de suede’, was a sole choice for the youth of the 80’s. Regarded as the original B-Boy shoe, the Suede had come of age and found its place amongst New York’s biggest break dancing players, The New York City Breakers and Rock Steady Crew. It was a big time for PUMA Suede, even making it into its first feature film on the big screen in 1984’s “Beat Streets the Movie”. And thanks to the boom in Hip Hop music, Suede also got its break into the street scene in the UK…

The 90s saw PUMA Suede roll into another new street culture – skateboarding. As stated by pro skater, Scott Hobbs Bourne, “they couldn’t have designed a better shoe for skating if they tried”, and was subsequently adopted as the shoe of choice by the trainer aficionados of the UK and skaters worldwide. Having worked its way through the streets of the world over the last three decades, by the 00s, Suede was ready for a bit of a revamp…

Having come from the street, the 00s released ReSuede, which saw Suede give back to Mother Nature by reducing its carbon footprint with its natural rubber sole, rice husk waste and its Clever Little Bag carrier. But through these simple redesigns, Suede never lost its street soul or looks. And so is true of today’s Future Suede…

PUMA 45th Anniversary Limited Edition Suede will be available exclusively through selected HYPE DC stores and online. To find a store near you, visit http://www.hypedc.com/.