Play the Game: Office Bowling

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Bored at work? Play some office bowling!

Have your ever played office bowling? If not, you should! It's an epic game and it’s taking workplaces across the universe by storm!

We’ve been talking to people that play office bowling and we put together some handy tips so you can stay a head of the game and become an office bowling pro!

Get your pins out – these are the things you’ll be chucking the ball at. Ideally you want 10 items of the same size, but hey, this is office bowling, we’ll settle for 10 objects. Old bottled waters work perfectly!

Choose a ball – we suggest a tennis ball, but any type of ball will do the job! Basically you want to smash down as many pins as possible!

Rack em’ up – think 10 pin bowling! Arrange the pins in a triangle formation then limber up for some office bowling action!

Learn the moves – without getting all technical – there are two moves you need to learn. The ‘smasher’ and the ‘curler’. They’re pretty self-explanatory. So start practicing!

The next time you’re having a quiet day at work, brighten it up with some office bowling and let PUMA Social know how you rocked it!