Play The Game: No Hands Pizza Eating

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Pizza eating with no hands!

The ultimate test of the After Hours Athlete’s late-night mettle – the no hands pizza! Tougher than the Superman trick, eating a pizza with no hands requires consummate skill, boundless bravery and greaseproof galoshes. We here at PUMA Social HQ have decided to combine a wealth of collective experience on the subject and offer up our essential 'How To' Guide just for you. Now that’s AMORE!

Start from a firm base This can mean two things 1.) Adopting a strong stance with feet shoulder width apart adjacent to your pizza 2.) Avoiding the flimsier thin crust to ensure lost toppings are kept to a minimum - you will be harshly judged by your AHA comrades in a competition situation.

Keep it simple A simple margarita means there are less combustible elements to worry about and your pizza will be easier to consume. Jalapenos and/or stuffed crust could slow your progress for water breaks and stringy cheese.

Lubricate your gullet Italy’s dough-based bounty can often be high in salt content. In order to quench your parched palate and maintain the edge in an eat-off, it may be advisable to take on some fluid infused with hops and malted barley. This will not only leave you refreshed, but can also relieve some of the inescapable performance pressures of the top-class After Hours Athlete.

“Pizza Face” (n) Hardened After Hours Athlete’s will tell you that success in a no hands pizza eating contest requires some serious Game. Like most After Hours pursuits, mentality is key – put on your best Pizza Face to psych out your opponents.

NB: The Pizza Face has nothing to do with the complexion of young adolescents or Lady Gaga.

What’s your no hands strategy Team PUMA?!