Play The Game: Dodgeball

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Avoiding the hit with Dodgeball.

So, you’ve seen the hit comedy film, but have you unleashed your inner athlete and taken to the Dodgeball hall?! Perhaps not, but if you’d like to don the spandex and try your luck, here’s some surefire tips to make you the next Dodgeball deity!

Trust us, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as hitting someone full on with a Dodgeball...

Don’t get hit – spend some time practicing how to avoid the ball and you’ll have a chance in the game. Only a chance though! You also need talent.

Throw it – attack, attack, attack! If you want to be a true star of the game, learn how to throw the ball! It’s also a lot more fun than catching! A lot more.

Learn to catch – pretty obvious! But if you want to win or at least stand a chance of out-witting the opposition, learn to catch the darn thing!

Jump up – easier said the done. This is probably the hardest tip to master and if you’re out of shape (move on to the next tip now) and can’t jump very high, it’s probably too late to learn now. Good luck!

Take a hit – learn to take a blow from a Dodgeball without looking like a wuss! Now that wouldn’t be cool.