Play The Game: Cardioke

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Singing when you're winning!

Everyone enjoys a good old sing song! But, our question for you is how can you enjoy a good sing along whilst also getting a bit of a workout?

Here at PUMA Social we like to partake in a little activity called cardioke. it's a singing and running workout that  will test the fittest of the fittest! Whether you decide to belt out a classic power ballad or the latest songs in the chart, this one will really test your mettle, and in a good way.

We have put together a few tips to help you both improve your cardio and your singing voice.

Practice makes perfect - to get your singing voice in tip top condition, you've gotta practice. We suggest singing loudly in the bar even when there's no music, it'll get you noticed if nothing else.

Wear comfortable shoes - when you're running, the thump of your foot on the floor helps your circulation. So, make sure those precious feet are carefully looked after and prepare to find your breath.

Choose your tune wisely - you don't want to go for a lung-buster if it's your first try, so pick a track you know and isn't longer than 5 minutes. We don't want you working too hard now, do we?

Find a friend - It's much more fun if there's a group of you, and if you can recruit people you don't know, it's a great way of getting to know each other!