Play The Game: Air Hockey

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Air Hockey is not just about pelting a puck ...

Air hockey is the perennial bar favorite, the cool of the table, the fizz of the puck. Let PUMA Social help you become the best! 

Air Hockey is a game of skill, speed and cunning. It's not so much 'touch and technique', but more 'smash and grab', as you try and outwit your opponent with dizzying speed, precision controlled power and an awareness of angles.

Create geometrical challenge - Math is actually pretty important to the After Hours Athlete. Being able to add up loose change to make sure you can buy another drink is vital. Not only this, but knowing your angles is important too as it helps bamboozle your opponent as you bounce the puck from side to side to side. Math! Who knew...

Don't get strong armed - To the bar, or into a loss. Players use power to get to victory, so be aware that defensive action is sometimes necessary. But, they say the best form of defense is attack, so be ready to hold your own and send that puck right back where it came from.

Keep your edge - What's best about Air Hockey is the size of the table edge - it's just about right: that drink will sit just nicely on the side, best to keep it away from flailing arms and exuberant expressions.

Be fleet of foot - You've gotta be ready to pounce on your playing partner at the first chance you get. Stay light on your feet and be ready to move your body around your half of the table - all in all, that's not bad advice for the dance floor either...

How do you go about being rock steady at the Air Hockey table?