Meet Our Ambassadors: Damir Hoyka

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Hoyka is the famous Croatian Photographer and artist. He is an Icon of the professional photo scene in this part of Europe. Hoyka is making art out of his photos.

His first serious reflections about artistic expression began back in the eighties, when he was occupied with drawing and painting. Afterwards, he learned about photography, the kind of visual expression which fitted him best. Prompted by philosophical surveys about the essence of art and photography itself, as well as by the need to articulate a theoretical ground for his own creative work, he decided to search for answers to his questions by studying photography.

In 1988 he studied German at the Goethe Institute in Munich. In 1989 he enrolled at the Faculty for Applied Arts in Vienna (Prof. Eva Choung-Fux). In 1991 he obtained the status of professional artist (HZSU, Zagreb). In 1995 he lectured on photography at the photo-workshop of the Croatian Photographic Association. In 1996 he published the essay "Fotosofia", a collection of personal contemplations on photography, in which, rounding off his studies in the field of photography, he tries to draw attention to one of the possible ways of observing, understanding, explaining and "using" the photographic medium.

In 1998 after he was invited by the authorities of the city of Mainz, he took part in the artists' meeting "Art in the City". In 1999, invited by the organising committee of the "5th International Project for Fine Arts" to Graz, Austria, he participated together with seven other European artists in a workshop on the subject "Wenn ich das nicht Krieg, geb ich keinen Frieden...". In 2003 he published the photo book "Metal Dreams" in collaboration with the Austrian artist Thelma Herzl.

In 2004 he published the photo book "Celebrity Fair". In 2004 he launched a cycle of art events called Art4All, the intention of which was to encourage the audience to take a more active role in art communication. To date he has published in the mass media more than a thousand art- and applied-art photographs, has exhibited at a great many solo and collective shows, and put on a number of performances. Hoyka has won several prizes for his work.