Meet Our Ambassadors: Andi Moisescu

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Andi Moisescu is a famous Romanian TV presenter and producer and also the most recognizable personality in the communication and advertising area.

Andi  made his entrance in the media world, through participating in a selection contest of DJ’s at Radio Unifan. He won the job out of 50 participants and at 17 years old  he celebrated his birthday live on the radio in a party that was "on air" all night, showing his great passion and potential for entertainment.

He worked for different Radio stations and in 1996, when he was still studying Math at University, he became Programs Director for Radio Pro FM, one of the biggest Radio stations in Romania. The Radio became now a serious challenge and a big responsibility, not only a hobby job!
In the same year,  he entered the world of television at TV station Pro TV. Over the years he made a lot of different successful shows like "7 o’clock, Good morning", "Watch and Win",  "Give and Win", "Trademark" and "Teo&Andi".
Once he experienced  being a TV presenter, he realized that a very interesting challenge is to be your own producer. So he started to produce his own show "Apropo TV" and in the same time to produce other shows or events through his new founded company “Red Spike Film”.
"Apropo TV" is a weekly comic view of the daily facts, including different TV and online commercials analyzed and debated in a very clever, ironic but objective manner by Andi and his guests. That made him to be recognized over the years as "The Pubfather" in the communication area.
PUMA was very happy to invite such a cool and dynamic personality to join us in our Creative Factory and we will “produce” together great new things. Stay tuned and don’t zapp!