Mates: Every Crew Needs 'Em

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Introducing the Sailing Card Pack, powered by PUMA Social 

Mates make or break the journey. Whether that journey involves bar-hopping or ocean-hopping matters not. Such mates should be recognized, commemorated, and blackmailed accordingly.

We’re pleased to introduce the latest PUMA Social Card Pack. It’s geared for the Watch Captains and Skippers out there. Download the app – if you haven’t already – by visiting Click on the “download available” button. You will be redirected your iTunes Store, where you can download it for free.

Then—the good times begin. Take a photo of yourself or your mate, scroll through the card frames, and select the most appropriate or inappropriate. Upload it. Share it. Done. (So much faster than bottled messages.)

If you already have the PUMA Social App, you'll need to update to see the sailing cards.