Let’s Get Inked

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Secret Walls artists battle it out at PUMA YARD on August 8

The first rule of Secret Walls? Don’t talk about Secret Walls. This live art battle, established by Terry Guy, heads to the PUMA YARD on 8 August. (Yes, we know. We just blatantly broke Rule Numero Uno. But we know you’ll want to be here.) This battle royale takes place between 2 individual artists: RIFF and ALFA.

Established back in 2006 in a small Shoreditch bar, Secret Walls was small and intimate—and has since grown into globe-trotter. NYC, Lisbon, Berlin, Tokyo, Copenhagen, you name it, and Secret Walls has stealthily crept in, pushed limits from top to bottom, and left behind something beyond everyday art. Not to mention that it constantly expands its network for creatives; one that nurtures and encourages that good-fresh-raw talent out there in the universe.

How does it work? Artists face-off with one massive canvas each. 90 minutes are put on the clock. No sketches or pencils are allowed. Only special black pens may be used. But you didn’t hear any of this from us. Right? Right.

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