Learn About: The Food Chain

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Chain-Chain-Chain of Food

A necklace has many links in it. The links connect to one another and if one link is broken, the necklace cannot stay together. This is how the food chain works. It’s made of plants and creatures that are eaten by living creatures on the planet.

All animals need food to eat. Some animals eat plants. Plants “eat” their "food" from energy in sunlight, such as seaweed. Ocean plants are only found in the surface of the ocean where there is sunlight. Small fish and other animals eat the plants. These creatures are called herbivores.

But some animals don’t eat plants, they eat other animals. They are called carnivores. Big animals like sharks like to eat other fish. Sharks, tuna, and seals are at the top of the food chain and called top predators. They eat lots of smaller animals and are so big that they aren’t eaten by many other animals. Some aren't hunted by any other animals at all, except humans.

And that, folks, is how everything from a tiny fish to a giant blue whale is connected to each other!