Le Burger Takes Off

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We Parisians like our hamburgers. Scratch that – we love our double-bacon cheeseburgers. And when we’re heading out with our teammates? Then it’s time to seek out the best burgers in Paris (and make sure we’ve got the perfect base for a long night out). 

If you’re into food, it’s easy to go overboard in Paris. From Michelin stars to Châteauneuf-du-Pape, we take gastronomy to all-star levels. Burgers are no exception. Want proof? Look no further than Le Meurice (and try not to drool), where a burger with smoked bacon, dill pickles and mustard will run you in the neighborhood of 35 Euros.

Sure it’s delicious, but we like to save our centimes for enough cocktails to make anything taste good. And when nothing but a really damn good burger will do (and not one that costs about the same as a scooter), we like to walk the tightrope between fancy and sloppy – this is where the magic happens, people.

Our first stop? The restaurant at the Hotel Amour. With pickles, melted Swiss cheese and fluffed buns, it’s always a sure bet. As an added bonus, they’ve got one of most attractive wait staffs in town. (Who doesn’t want their burger served with a side of eye candy?) Frequent sightings of models and princesses out on the patio don’t hurt Hotel Amour’s cause, either.

A harder place to get a table is the insider’s burger counter, Ferdi, a stone’s throw from the Louvre. If you do get in, order the “Le MacFerdi”. It’s the simplest burger they offer, and according to local connoisseurs it’s the tastiest you’ll find.

Le burger is here to stay, so eat up and get after it.

          Where to find a good burger in Paris:

          32 rue Mont Thabor, 75001, 01 42 60 82 52

          Hotel Amour
          8 rue Navarin, 75009, 01 48 78 31 80

          Le Meurice
          228 Rue de Rivoli, 75001, 01 44 58 10 10

          Coffee Parisien
          4, rue Princesse, 75006, 01 43 54 18 18
          7, rue Gustave Courbet, 75016, 01 45 53 17 17

          Le Clan Des Jules
          7 rue Brochant, 75017, 01 42 29 37 62


Photos courtesy of Thomas Chatterton Williams.