Holiday Party Vs. PUMA Social Party

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Within the pantheon of ultimate After Hours occasions lie two very special, but very different nights out. The first is an annual occurrence usually involving the consumption of excessive amounts of food and alcohol, horrific fashion, bad dancing and the inevitable morning after story. The second involves a similar volume of froth quaffing, breakfast at 5am, great fashion, good dancing and… the inevitable morning after story! Both guarantee astronomic levels of mirth and merriment, but where would you rather be? 

Here are your contenders...

In the red corner, it’s the tinsel-tastic end of year finale, the font of all gossip, the king of photo album cringe, memory loss maestro…it’s the Holiday party!

The Holiday party has long been the showpiece event of the office calendar enabling friends and colleagues to come together and reflect on the year that was, or more likely, put on a red and white bobble hat and act like your craziest alter-ego for one night only! Here at PUMA Social HQ we’ve heard tales of all sorts: folk being unable to attend the actual party as a result of gorging on too much turkey at lunch then falling asleep in the boardroom; returning to the office to sleep on a bed of towels in a disabled toilet to avoid being woken by your boss the following morning; photocopying various parts of the anatomy (sharing’s caring) and the unavoidable, uber-embarrassing never-live-it-down impromptu dance-off moment!

RECOMMENDED OUTFIT: Garish wooly Rudolph jumper + antlers, obvs.

In the blue corner, it’s the epitome of late night cool, scoring central, super-fun fashionista’s gaming paradise… it’s the PUMA Social party!!

Luckily for us, PUMA Social parties don’t only take place during the festive season – they go on all year round! You can expect to see epic games of ping pong, pool, foosball, skeeball, air hockey (and any other After Hours activity you care to mention), giant PUMA suedes, giant ping pong paddles, good drinks, good laughs, good music, great style, a lot of neon, a lot of dancing and more than a few members of the opposite sex to keep things interesting. Sound good?!

RECOMMENDED OUTFIT: PUMA Social Sophisticat – For the essential Social chic look how about some Suedes and a dash of denim to dress things up or down!

Which team are you on?!

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