Here's to all the After Hours Athletes of China!

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PUMA Celebrates China’s FIRST PUMA Social Hero!

To add hype to the media kick-off of PUMA Social in Shanghai on March 3rd at Club Muse, PUMA buzzed the streets of Shanghai, Beijing and Chengdu with a PUMA Social bus. The party bus toured around each city’s central business districts for one week, hosting private parties for consumers to commemorate each destination. Inside the bus, lucky guests got to play foosball and booze away as a DJ spun tunes to pump up the vibe.

To add to all the fun and shenanigans, PUMA also launched a national digital campaign to search for three male and female After Hours Athletes with the highest scores gained from online games, retail purchases and on-ground activities at PUMA Social clubs. These six After Hours Athletes were invited to compete for the PUMA Social Hero title at the PUMA Social finale event held in Beijing.

After two months of on-ground and online activation, PUMA Social wrapped up in vigour and style on April 29th at The Orange in Beijing’s shopping haven The Village. Emcee Andy Chen sparked the party off with a street-style dance performance while DJ Hibana hyped up the vibrant crowd with pumping electronic-house beats.

Later in the night, PUMA ambassadors Pace Wu and Mike He held a “Boys vs. Girls” duel of X-Snooker and Dizzy Darts games. After an hour of friendly emulation, China’s first PUMA Social Hero was crowned! The winner, Wang Ming Shui from Beijing won a deserving PUMA Social Hero trophy and the remaining five After Hours Athletes walked away with awesome PUMA goodies.

Here's to all the After Hours Athletes of China!