Great Expectations

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Inside an ultra-rustic Jamaican hideaway

Let’s be honest, the name Great Huts doesn’t necessarily evoke greatness. But sometimes that’s how things are in Jamaica—quite literal. And why not? These curious accommodations are down a little path past the Boston Jerk Centre, behind an unassuming rusted gate. But once inside, there’s truly no denying. A maze of shaded stone caves open to reveal uncommon, rustic luxury. The Queen of Sheba room definitely takes the crown, with its cowhide rugs, Star of David-shaped window and master bed on a dramatic platform that’s seemingly risen from the earth. A ladder to an upper level reveals what feels like a spacious tree house outfitted with three more elaborate large beds—the perfect communal lair for an easy-going group. And up another ladder is a circular wooden perch where an afternoon can easily slip into smoky oblivion. Reluctantly descending from this secret outlook, we tread winding stone paths, past parrots squawking and turtles chilling—to a cliff-top view of a staggeringly turquoise sea. Not necessarily for the faint of heart or those needing A/C in the sweltering Jamaican sun, but Great Huts is full of goodness.

Photo Credit: Photo by Willam Richards

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