Gigs Vs Clubs

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As our After Hour Athletes will attest there is nothing better than heading out and throwing some shapes with friends. With so many different venues to choose from, PUMA Socialites often find themselves split between catching some live music or heading to a club night to dance the night away with some of their favourite tracks.

So with selection of fine after hour’s venues to choose from let’s look at the contenders...

In the red corner, the rockers favourite, festival goers love them, that’s right we have GGGGGGIIIIIIIGGGGGGGGSSSSSSSS!

Gigs: Whether you are seeing your favourite band or perhaps just supporting friends, gigs are great for PUMA socialites as they allow for lots of bonding, banter and group singing! Whether you were the shy kid at school or even the loud mouth who was always in trouble, singing at the top of your voice is a must when it comes to gigs, so prepare yourself and make sure your voice is well lubricated. To truly appreciate the gig in comfort whilst jumping up and down to the music why not try a pair of Dallas trainers.

In the blue corner, the DJ's favourite, the participants of the 5AM cab/run have mastered them, that’s right we have CCCCCCCCCLLLLLLLLUUUUUUUBBBBBSSSSSS

Clubs: Night clubs act more as a hunting ground for your standard After Hours Athlete than gigs. Whilst gigs allow you to blow off a little steam, clubs tend to be where the number hunters gather and only the crème de la crème truly survive till 5AM the next day, especially after rocking the dance floor all night long! With the aim of a club impress the opposite sex, why not throw on a denim shirt and show the ladies your best moves? You’ll thank us for it!

So where would you rather go? Head to a gig? Or party from dusk til dawn in a club?

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