From Hong Kong to Hollywood, Cyrcle Always Brings the Art and the Party

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Fresh off a plane from Hong Kong and recovering from their latest adventure, we caught up with Cyrcle—artists who are true After Hours Athletes. 

A giant skull, intricately painted to display muscle, sinew and bone (skin removed, of course), rears above an empty parking lot. Three words—We Never Die. This is the work of Cyrcle, and it’s a global phenomenon.

From their knockout “Never Say Die” manifestos to their truly epic street art, Cyrcle is boldly making their mark around the world. This three-man multimedia art crew is the definition of what happens when you combine amazing street-art talent with serious passion. They just unleashed their latest show in Hong Kong, so we caught up with them to dish the details on bringing LA swagger to the streets of HK.

For an exhibition, Cyrcle was commissioned to create a piece based on the work and life of James Lavelle, a DJ, electronic producing and mixing legend, and member of the electronica recording group UNKLE. The catch? They only had five days to conceive and ship off their super-detailed 360-degree artwork “The Attic” (check out a video detailing the process here).

The crew, Ra Bí, Devin Liston and Davey Detail, knows how to mix business with pleasure, and they didn’t slow down while they worked on Daydreaming With…the Hong Kong Edition. “Hong Kong’s so fast and crazy bright and full of adrenaline,” says Davey Detail.

True teammates, Cyrcle made the most of their time in Hong Kong--bringing their trademark cut-out and layered style to the streets of Hong Kong and crafting an impressive black and white mural in the Sheung Wan neighbourhood.

After Hours Athletes across the globe can check out Cyrcle’s signature style this summer from their current show in Hong Kong to an upcoming show in LA and another in Marbella, Spain.  


Photos courtesy of Cyrcle.