Edition Tri Tee

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If you love 6-sided shapes, then baby: this shirt’s for you

You don’t have to ace geometry to love hexagons. This shirt is proof. Eons ago, in the 90s, PUMA introduced Trinomic Technology. It was infused into running shoe designs and helped enhanced motion control. It was also tricked out with sporty hexagon graphics. Those lil 6-sided shapes soon became synonymous with Trinomic, and that, folks, is how we got to this shirt. The Edition Tri Tee spins our sneaker icon story into a superior torso cover-up. Its traditional warm fabrics are juxtaposed with a cool, modernhexagon gel print. We suggest wearing it and not doing any math at all. Unless you’re adding up your foosball score at the pub. Then, of course, by all means, add away.