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London Instagrammer Meet-Up snaps around PUMA YARD

While you were snoozing on Saturday morning (snoring, actually, but we weren’t going to say anything) Brick Lane was nothing short of snappy. On 28 July, the London Instagrammers poured into the PUMA YARD with mobile devices in hand and eyes peeled for any square sight worth a double-take. The photos below were taken by the winners of the day’s activities. Thanks to all for coming by and clicking away.

#LondonCanBolt by Stepyuk - Everyone can bolt. 

#Jamaica by Plooh - Rum and smiles and good times and little umbrellas and stuff. That’s what this place is made of. 

#PUMAQUAD by Natali13d - A lil Saturday morning shopping delight? Don’t mind if we do…

#PUMAYARD by Stuffcarlsees - Who says sunshine doesn’t happen in London Town? 

#MellowMood by Ninky3 - The kind of place where you can kick back and stay while. And play footsie. 

#YearofSpeed by Millwallben - On yuh marks. Get set. Hike up your trousers. Bolt! 

#PUMACAT by Rapidandi2 - This is how we run tings. 

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