Check out the PUMA Social Club at Gorky Park

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Here’s why summer in Moscow has never been sweeter…

Normally, we’re not ones to brag. Then again, there’s nothing normal about a custom-built parkour course, mini velodrome and skate pit – and that’s just for starters – all rolled up together inside one of Moscow’s most iconic landmarks, is there? So yeah, we’ll just come right out and say it: We know how to throw a party, and we’ve created the ultimate After Hours Athlete destination in Moscow to prove it.

And the best part? You’re invited.

We’ll be holding it down in Gorky Park and we hope to see you there. It’s a 24/7 party, so invite all your teammates and come join us for the party of summer 2012.

The setup at the PUMA Social Club Gorky Park is all about sensory overload, and we think that’s a good thing. We’ve got something for everyone—fixed gear riders, rollers, traceurs, and, of course, After Hours Athletes who just want get their groove on (read: lounge, drinks, party). It’s an urban playground and we’ll be celebrating all summer long with concerts, contests and plenty of swagger.

The party kicked off with 1,200 of our teammates at an all-night bash on 19 July. Jack Parow dropped some of his signature Afrikaans rhymes in a set that is still the talk of Moscow. But that was just the beginning….

Check out this video of the night, and make plans to join us in Gorky Park.