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Jamaican cult classic ‘Rockers’ viewing party at PUMA YARD

On August 1, grab your popcorn and your mates and get over to the PUMA YARD for a viewing of ‘Rockers,’ the Jamaican cult classic film.

In celebration of Jamaica’s 50th Independence Day, the Berlin Film Society has partnered with PUMA for this viewing. Established during the Berlin International Film Festival in February 2012, the Berlin Film Society is a monthly cinematic experience that explores a specific theme, motif, director, or idea within the films that are screened. After a successful six-months in Berlin, the Society is venturing out internationally—and the PUMA YARD is next up on its agenda.

A cult classic from 1978, ‘Rockers’ is often regarded as the best Jamaican film of all time. Originally envisioned as a documentary of Rastafarian culture in Kingston, Jamaica, the film evolved into a full-length feature telling the story of Leroy 'Horsemouth' Wallace as he tries to make it as a record distributor and musician. Boasting a stunning slice of Jamaican culture and a stellar cast and soundtrack, it’s a movie night not to be missed.

Want us to save you a seat? Make sure to get your ticket in advance.  

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