Calling All After Hours Athletes!

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Everywhere we go, people wanna know...

The After Hours Athlete sees life as a never-ending competition and today is no different. To celebrate the After Hours Athletes' unconventional sportsmanship, we're rewarding you with a sneak peek at the latest PUMA Social video. Whether it's winning at foosball, buying the first round of drinks or getting the last falafel at 3am, the After Hours Athlete is in it to win it.

Stay tuned for more information on After Hours Athletes. Over the next few months, we'll be talking about how the After Hours Athletes form teams (hint: they don't play by the rules); celebrate winning (we saw that time you split your pants doing a celebratory dance and we loved it); and become legends in their own special way (We're looking at you, "Most Likely To Leave Your Mobile Phone In A Cab"). We know you play by your own rules, and we salute you, After Hours Athletes.

Don't get picked last. Get the first look at the PUMA Social video next week. Everywhere we go, people wanna know...