After Hours Idol: The Strike Master

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Bowling; the striking game of ten pins and one massive ball is enjoyed the world over thanks to the undeniable stress-relieving qualities of hurling something with all your might at an inanimate object that makes a surprisingly rewarding noise as a result (if you get it right that is)!

But, in our vast experience of the great game of bowling, within every group of friends there always seems to be a Strike Master or two in attendance! You know, the late night sports legend who, despite sinking just as many drinks, continues to keep knocking down those pesky pins faster than a Voodoo doctor with a hatred for Barbie dolls!!

Well, we thought it was about time the Strike Master’s AWESOMENESS was finally recognised in a fashion that truly befits our pantheon of After Hours Idols. The Strike Master skill set comprises a unique combination of balance, poise and curve to keep smashing down those pins. Here’s how you can spot the Strike Master in your midst...

How? The Strike Master will be easily identifiable by the crescendo of noise created by ten pins being knocked down time and time again. Don’t be fooled by those charlatans masquerading as the real McCoy who occasionally strike lucky, they’re not even fit to strap up the Strike Master’s bowling glove.

Why? At PUMA Social, we’re committed to tracking down the finest After Hours Athletes and giving them the credit they so richly deserve...we also like stirring up a bit of friendly competition (or not so friendly – you decide) on a night out!

When? Strike Masters can be seen in bowling alleys and PUMA Social Clubs from New York to New South Wales, managing to exude a strange mix of extreme geekiness and annoying cool.

What happens next? There’s a reason you get given the 50’s swing dance shoes you know! The parquet floor is the perfect space to celebrate your Social superiority. The Strike Master King Pin has often been known to return from the lane to his chosen beverage with a well-placed MoonWalk or (if your friendly with the owners and unlikely to be ejected), a head-first Swan Dive down the alley.

What’s your Strike Master celebration?!

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