After Hours Idol: The Party Animal

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First to arrive, last to leave, there is always one instantly recognisable character amongst a bunch of late night PUMA Socialites. They are the glue that binds us, they can tell a mean joke and will take on all-comers in any PUMA Social activity you care to mention, regardless of their ability to remain vertical whether it’s sunrise or sunset!  

Here’s to the After Hours Idol that is...The Party Animal! We salute you!!

How? “Party animal” status is both incredibly simple and extremely difficult to achieve in equal measure. It involves utter dedication to After Hours pursuits – never saying no to a social invitation, first-name relationships with the bar staff at your local PUMA Social Club, a super-stylish, multi-functional 7 day wardrobe, a working knowledge of the fab four (pool, ping-pong, darts and foosball), an immunity to morning-after headaches and a mild disregard for sleep. Sound easy?!

Why? Because everyone loves a party animal and here at PUMA Social we don’t like to do things by halves! Plus, the most epic After Hours stories tend to come out...after hours! So, if you’re not on the scene you’re almost certainly missing out.

When? Always. Any excuse for late night revelry is welcomed and we’re rapidly approaching the holiday party season, which should give you ample opportunity to strut your stuff, get your game on and stake your claim for the hallowed Party Animal title.

What happens next? Falling over/Dancing on the table/Rodeo riding a mechanical bull/losing your wallet/5am breakfast...anything’s possible!

Who’s the party animal in your group??

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