After Hours Idol: The King Of Ping

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With wrists of steel and hand-eye co-ordination that would even put Mr Miyagi and his chop sticks to shame, The King Of Ping stands out like a (literal) sore thumb in PUMA Social clubs everywhere. Their blurred image reminiscent of a sporting Medusa or Forrest Gump in his army years, they pounds balls and inspire awe wherever they go!

So here’s to the After Hours Idol that is...The King Of Ping! We salute you!!

How? Quick feet, agility and better skills of anticipation than a Shaolin monk (with a slightly more modern dress sense) - seasoned After Hours Athletes often practice during the early hours by pinging pongs into beer-filled cups and drinking the contents as a reward for their accuracy.

Why? Because there is nothing more magnificent in the PUMA Social setting than a Ping King in full flow, playing all shots from all angles and returning the ball whilst playing from the bar! Who wouldn’t be impressed?!

When? Anytime. If they’re that good and a true After Hours Athlete, they’ll happily take on all comers in the spirit of friendly competition so you can pick up a paddle and swipe for glory.

What happens next? The Giant Paddle Invitational? Fighting Falafels Winter League? The Olympics?!... as Ping King the world is your oyster! Just be sure you’re dressed for your moment in the spotlight.

RECOMMENDED OUTFIT: Bluebird edition tee, vintage wash jeans, bluebird suedes.

What’s your ping pong party trick?

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